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Red Dingo Collar, Leads and Harnesses

Red Dingo offer a wide range of practical, affordable, quality dog collars, leads and harnesses made from fray proof tough woven nylon in many designs or plain eye-popping colours.

Their dog collars and harnesses are made with premium nylon webbing, solid stainless steel D-rings and their trademarked buckle bone side release buckle.

 Their leads are made with premium nylon webbing and our interchangeable lead clips.

Collar sizes available in 20-32cm, 24-36cm, 31-47cm and  41-64cm.

Harness sizes available in 25-39cm x 30-44cm, 30-48cm x 36-54cm, 36-59cm x 45-66cm and 46-76cm x 56-80cm

Lead Sizes available in width 12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm- standard length of 1.2m

More Varieties available instore

Sports Harnesses an Leads

The Dog & Co Sports harnesses are padded for comfort,

made with a durable nylon tightly woven outer and lined with sporty airtex fabric

which is lightweight and breathable.

The harnesses are fully adjustable with two easy clip buckles on the chest and one on the neck strap.

There are 2 connecting points, one on the back pad and one located on the chest pad;

this allows for a choice of lead control or dual control with the use of a training lead.

There is a grab handle on the back made from durable strong webbing,

tubular in construction and padded for comfort.

They are reflective for safety for those early morning and autumnal evening walks.

Coordinate the sports harness with a matching sports lead or sports training lead.

Select the size suitable for your dog

Small - 3/4" x chest 12-20" / 1.9 x 30-50cm

neck 12-15" / 30-50cm

Medium - 3/4" x chest 20-28" / 1.9 x 50-70cm

neck 14-20" / 35-50cm

Large - 1" x chest 24-32" / 2.5 x 60-82cm

neck 16-24" / 40-60cm

X Large - 1" x chest 30-40" / 2.5 x 75-100cm

neck 22-30" / 55-75cm

Julius K9 Harness

Julius-K9® was the first one in Europe to use the brand name K9 for dog harnesses, protective equipment and clothing made for both professional and private dog owners. The experts of the company known for the development of dog harnesses, thanks to the developments, have introduced solutions that have never been used before. Thus in 2001 the manufacturing company was justified in adding the prefix “Power” to the name of the harnesses. Finally, the two largest Austrian police training centres and the fire service have used the harnesses with excellent results in real missions. The product is made exclusively of materials made in the EU. It meets the most stringent quality standards.

We Stock the following sizes

Mini-mini 40 – 53 cm / 15,5- 21 in 4 – 7 kg / 9 – 15,5 lbs 

Mini 51 – 67 cm / 20 – 26,5 in 7 – 15 kg / 15,5 – 33 lbs 

size: 0 58 – 76 cm / 23 – 30 in 13 – 25 kg / 28,5 – 55 lbs 

size: 1 66 – 85 cm / 26 – 33,5 in 23 – 30 kg / 50,5 – 66 

size: 2 71 – 96 cm / 28 – 38 in 28 – 40 kg / 61,5 – 88 lbs 

Viva Step in Harness

The Ancol Step-in Mesh Dog Harness is a lightweight alternative to a dog collar. The design means that the harness does not go over your dogs head, making it easier to get them ready for a walk. A reflective strip has been added, ensuring that you will be seen on darker evening walks.

Taking the pressure away from the neck, this harness is perfect for dogs who pull on the lead, allowing the owner to have better control when their dog becomes excited or naughty.

Reflective visibility strip

Step in design

Easy to use snap buckle

Comfortable fit

Breathable mesh

Extra small: 30-36cm

Small: 35-42cm

Small/Medium: 41-47cm

Medium: 46-54cm

Large: 48-56

Sotnos Puppy Tartan

The Puppy Bow range features a lovely tartan design which is available in 2 different colour ways, each featuring their own little puppy bow. Super cute and super stylish, this one will be sure to make all the other pooches jealous!

Made from a high quality, soft-finish, tartan nylon and PU dark grey leather, this collar creates a smart and sophisticated look. This collar has a matching lead available too, the perfect pair!

Every Sötnos patterned collar & lead is unique, so you will never find 2 collars exactly the same as the lead is cut from a single sheet of pattered fabric to reduce waste.

Collar Sizing Available: (width x length)

X-Small : 1.0 x 25cm

Small : 1.0 x 30cm

Medium: 1.5 x 38cm

Lead Sizing Available: (width x length)

Small: 1.2 x 120cm

Medium: 1.5 x 120cm

Flexi Classic Retractable lead

Flexi are a German company who have developed the unique Flexi Retractable Lead, created by a dog owner who wanted to give his furry companion more freedom to explore, but in the safest possible way.

Available in extra small (3m) to Large (5m) tape in Black, Red or Blue. 


High Visibility Accessories 

During the winter months, it is dark when we wake up and darker early evening. Road safety is paramount to ensure even the blackest Labrdor can be seen. Not only on the roads but when running in a field. 

We stock high visibility  collars, leads and attachments so you can see your dog in the darkest of evenings!