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Whimzee Dental Chews

Made using a gluten-free recipe that also contains no artificial additives or GMOs, these Whimzees Vegetarian Natural Dog Treats have been designed to remove plaque and tartar from in between your pet's teeth; thereby improving their overall oral health and wellbeing.

Improves oral hygiene - removes plaque & tartar

Hypoallergenic - free from gluten

Made using a vegetarian recipe

Encourages strong, healthy bones

Enriched with vitamins & minerals

Easily-digested all-natural ingredients

Free from artificial colours, flavours, & preservatives


We stock the following varieties-

Whimzee alligator small

Whimzee alligator medium

Whimzee alligator large

Whimzee stick small

Whimzee stick medium

Whimzee stick large

Whimzee stick XL

Whimzee toothbrush XS

Whimzee toothbrush Small

Whimzee toothbrush medium

Whimzee toothbrush Large

Whimzee puppy pack xs/s breeds

Whimzee puppy pack M/L breeds

Photo by Whimzee