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Dog Crates

Many people think using a dog crate is cruel as they would certainly not want to be locked in a crate for any length of time. This is not the case for dogs who are 'den' animals. Just look at where they want to spend most of their sleep & relaxation time - under the table, tucked in the corner of a room. Basically dogs like to feel safe & secure when sleeping & have somewhere they can be alone. A dog crate when used properly is able to provide this safe haven.

The crate has two doors which offer easy access, with a pull out tray which allows simple cleaning. There are rounded corners on each side, ensuring that both you and your dog avoid injury, with a sliding bolt lock that will keep them safely inside when needed.

Easy access doors

Pull out trays for simple cleaning

Sliding bolt lock

Rounded corners for safety

Suitable for pets of any age

A great training tool

Available Sizes-

 Small 61x48x51cm (24x19x20")

Medium 76x51x58cm (30x20x23")

Large 91x61x63cm (36x24x25")

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