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Canagan Dog Food

Canagan is crafted to replicate the ancestral diet of your pet, with a high meat content, vegetables and botanicals, every bowl of Canagan really is feeding their natural instinct.

Their delicious, grain free recipes use the finest ingredients available. Naturally, all their foods are free of artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. If it isn’t good enough for humans it isn’t good enough for our pets, that’s why they try every one of our recipes themselves!

Available in 2kg, 6kg and 12kg options in the following flavours-

Small Breed Chicken, Small Breed Salmon, Small breed Country Game, Small Breed Dental, Free Run Chicken, Salmon, Highland Feast, Country game, Lamb and Senior.

We also carry 400g wet Food tins in various flavours

Natures Way Dog Food

Nature’s Way, born & bred in the West Country, naturally.

Complete and natural dry dog food from Nature’s Way. Keep your dogs healthy and happy with high meat content, naturally preserved complete dog food recipes. All wheat and wheat gluten free, and hypoallergenic.

Natural dog food, made with three sources of omega 3 & 6 oils, natural prebiotics and joint aid supplements for mobility.

We stock Grain Free and Working versions of the following flavours in 2kg

Puppy/Small Breed, Lamb, Chicken, Fish and Senior.

Symply Dog Food

They only use the very best ingredients money can buy. They have packed all their stunning recipes full of succulent cuts of meat or fish mixed with field fresh vegetables and botanicals. All of their meat and fish is sourced from within the UK helping to support local British producers.

Available in 2kg or 6kg in the following options, Puppy Fuel, Small Breed Turkey, Fresh Chicken, Fresh Lamb, Fresh Salmon and Senior/light. Corresponding wet food trays and multi boxes available.

Carnilove Dog Food

Choose from a variety of wild-origin meat recipes such as Duck & Pheasant, Reindeer, Lamb & Wild Boar or Salmon & Turkey. Available as complete dry dog food (70% meat) in 2kg bags, we also stock Wet food tins and Wet food pouches.

Arden Grange Dog Food

Their core philosophy of 'nutrition without compromise' is the foundation of everything that we do. All of their canine and feline diets are naturally hypoallergenic, benefiting from prebiotics and joint support. All of their ingredients serve a purpose and have been included for their nutritional value to promote optimum health and vitality.

We stock the following in 2kg, 6kg and 12kg- Puppy/Junior, Small Breed Chicken, Small Breed Lamb, Chicken, Lamb, Senior, Sensitive and Light.

We also stock the Arden Grange Partners tins in Chicken, Lamb and Sensitive.

Forthglade Wet Dog Food

Their range of complete and complementary wet dog food has been designed with sensitive tummies in mind, so your canine companion can continue being happy and healthy. Each wet dog food recipe is packed full of natural ingredients gently steamed to retain as much natural flavour and goodness as possible. We stock their complementary trays in- Lamb, Chicken, Chicken with Tripe, Chicken with Heart, Chicken with Liver, Beef, Turkey and Duck. Multi boxes are available also.

We also stock their range of complete trays in Puppy Duck, Adult Ocean Fish, Adult Turkey and Senior Turkey- We also have many combinations in multipacks.

Natures Menu Raw Food

We are a verified stockist of natures menu raw frozen food. Each team member holds a raw advisor qualification, which means they can answer any of your queries on how to transition, feed or the benefits of a raw diet.

We stock the home made raw diet- which includes 400g blocks, free flow mice in 2kg, chucks of meat, chunks of offal and vegetables so you can create your own mixture to your dog’s liking.

We also have pre portioned, nutritionally balanced nuggets which are calculated so you can ensure you are feeding the correct ratio of meat, offal, bone and veg to your dog. This is the most convenient way of feeding.

We have a selection of frozen meaty treats also, including, Duck necks, Marrow bone, beef ribs, knuckle bones and ducks’ wings.