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Pet Munchies Training Treats

Premium natural gourmet tasty treats are made from finest ingredients. Use as a training aid. Give as a reward or pleasure, for dogs & puppies over 3 months.

Available in Chicken, Chicken and Liver and Sushi.

Canagan Biscuit Bakes

100% grain free

Hand baked to give your dog a crunchy treat

Helps to promote healthy gums and teeth

Made using deliciously wholesome ingredients

in Salmon, Chicken and Country Game

Carnilove Treats

 A crunchy snack with fresh meat for the ultimate tasty treat and perfect complement to your dog’s regular diet. Serve daily as a reward, for positive motivation training, or as a treat for shared moments during the day. Grain Free, Fresh meat and no added sugar.

Varieties stocked are-

Mackerel with Raspberry, Salmon with blueberries, ostrich with black berries, wild boar with rosehips, trout with dill, duck with rosemary, carp with thyme and sardines with wild garlic.

Pet Munchies Treats

Pet Munchies have developed a range of healthy treats that are wonderfully delicious and 100% natural. Made from premium ingredients that are high quality and nutritious, we stock a wide selection of flavours and textures that your pet will love.

We stock the following varieties:

Chicken and sweet potato sticks, chicken twists, duck twists, chicken chips, chicken with carrot sticks, chicken and calcium bone, venison strips, ocean whit fish, wild salmon and sweet potato, duck breast fillets and chicken breast fillets. 

Zeus Better Bones

Dogs love to Chew, Better Bones are safe to chew, easy to digest and help maintain healthy Teeth & Gums.

We stock the following varieties:

Lamb and mint, chicken and duck soft bone treats

JR Training Treats and Sticks

JR Pure Training Treats and Treat Sticks are 100% natural and incredibly tasty,.

These delicious snacks are gluten free and high in protein. They will be easy to digest and hypoallergenic for dogs that suffer from allergies.

100% natural

Suitable for puppies over 4 weeks old

Grain and gluten free

High in protein

Low in fat


No additives or preservatives

A great training reward

We Stock-

Venison, Rabbit, Kangaroo, Ostrich, Goat and Seabass.

Natures Menu Superfood Bars

Country Hunter are an award winning company that have developed a great tasting range of meals and treats for our pets, offering high quality recipes that are made with premium ingredients and wholesome superfoods. Their crunchy superfood bars come in these flavours-

Salmon and white fish, beef, chicken turkey and duck.