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We stock a variety of metal and ceramic bowls to ensure ultimate hygiene and style for your Dogs dinner.

Each different variety comes in small- large to ensure that your fur baby can eat a meal fit for a King or Queen in an appropriately sized bowl. 

Slow Feeders

Does your dog gobble their food? Do they suffer from wind on vomiting after their meal? Do they need to lose weight?

Slow feeders are the perfect way to reduce and event prevent the above. Each plastic bowl has different shaped prongs protruding from the bowl  to slow down the most gutsy of dog. They have to navigate the protrusions, using their tongues, which gives their bellies time to register the food they are getting, which reduces the amount of food they eat, without starving them completely.

Treat Jars

Do you have a special treat place in the cupboard, shoved right at the back?

Do you often go to the cupboard to realise that someone else has given the last treat without telling you- leaving you short?

Why not invest in these very stylish Treat Jars that tie in with all Decors. It is a visual aid also, to let you know when its time to pop back instore and replenish your stash. Your doggo will thank you for it!