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With an active Dog, Minor bumps and scrapes are bound to happen.

We have a selection of general first aid items to help maintain cleanliness and promote healing.


A quick acting coagulant that stops blood flow fast. Suitable for use with all animals, Trimmex stops bleeding with quickened nails and minor cuts and grazes. Apply to the quick immediately if bleeding occurs with a cotton wool bud.

Tea Tree Cream-

Antiseptic, soothing and promotes healing.

For dogs, cats and other pets.

Tea Tree Skin Calm-

Contains Aloe Vera and Lavender Oil, soothes and calms skin irritations.

Antiseptic – promoting natural healing.

Antibacterial Powder-

Dry dressing for abrasions and minor wounds.

Antiseptic, soothing and promotes natural healing.

Suitable for dogs, cats and other pets.

Mikki Boot-

Mikki Dog Boot, helps promote rapid healing of a pad injury, and helps guard against infection. Bonded Vinyl upper with a non slip PVC sole. Ideal for post-operative care and injury protection. (one boot per pack)

Coadhesive Bandage-

Colorful, lightweight, clings to itself, not to the coat or skin, non irritating.

Dog First Aid Kit-

It contains saline pods, medium dressings, gauze swabs, microporous tape, conforming bandage, gloves, plastic pouches to cover bandaged paws, alcohol free cleansing wipes, scissors and tweezers.