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4 Fleas Products

Spot On

Fast acting spot-on kills fleas on contact (on your dog) and surrounding area.

Up to 2 months protection.

For dogs over 8 weeks of age.

2 vials, each vial giving up to 4 weeks protection.

2 treatment pack

Available in-

Spot-on for puppies and small dogs less than 4kg 2 treatment pack

Spot-on for small dogs of 4kg up to less than 10kg 2 treatment pack

Spot on for medium dogs of 10kg up to less than 25kg 2 treatment pack

Spot on for large dogs weighing 25kg and over 2 treatment pack

Flea tablets

The fastest way to kill fleas on puppies & small dogs from 4 weeks of  age. Starts killing fleas in just 15 minutes!

No contra-indications, safe to use with other flea and worm products.

Leaves no residue on their coat or in the home.

Available in-

Tablets for large dogs over 11kg 6 treatment pack

Tablets for Small Dogs up to 11kg 3 treatment pack

Room Fogger

Room Fogger with (I.G.R) contains permethrin, s-methoprene and tetramethrin.

Kills Fleas and other insects eg. ants, cockroaches, earwigs etc.

Prevents hatching eggs developing into fleas.

Protects carpets, soft furnishings and pet bedding for up to 7 months.

Complete room treatment, simply place in room, press and leave.

Not for use on animals

2 x 100ml aerosol (twin pack) – treats 70 metres square area

Also Sold separately.

House Spray

Contains an Insect Growth Regulator for extra protection.

Kills fleas, larvae and other insects.

Prevents hatching eggs developing into fleas.

Protects carpets, soft furnishings and pet bedding for up to several months.

Not for use on animals

Extra-large 600ml aerosol enough to treat an average sized house

Photo by Johnsons Veterinary Products

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Beaphar FiproTech combo spot on

Vet strength, dual-action spot-on to kill fleas, ticks and biting lice on your dog, whilst preventing flea eggs and larvae developing in the home. Suitable for dogs from 8 weeks of age. 

UK authorised veterinary medicine.

Available in-

Dogs 2-10kg 1 treatment

Dogs 10-20kg 1 treatment

Dogs 20-40kg 1 treatment

Dogs 2-10kg 3 treatment

Dogs 10-20kg 3 treatment

Dogs 20-40kg 3 treatment

Worming Products

Most puppies are born with worms, whereas older dogs can pick up worm eggs from a variety of sources including the grass or soil in public places as well as from fleas and lice. It is therefore very important to worm your dog every 3 months.

We carry both Johnsons' Veterinary One dose wormers and Beaphar WormClear.


A single dose treatment to kill roundworms, tapeworms and hookworm.

We stock-

 (One dose wormer puppies and small dogs up to 8kg

One dose wormer medium dogs from 8kg up to 20kg

One dose wormer lager dogs 8kg up to 40kg)

Worm Clear-

An effective, vet strength wormer for dogs. Treats roundworm and tapeworm infestations. The tablets are palatable with a pork flavour. Suitable for dogs and puppies from 2 weeks of age and weighing more than 3kg. UK authorised veterinary medicine.

We Stock-

 Worm clear 2 tablets up to 20kg

Worm clear 4 tablets up to 40kg

Photo by Johnsons Veterinary Products