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Kong Classic, Extreme and Things to Stuff them with.

Mentally stimulating toy; offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs instinctual needs

KONG classic red rubber formula for average chewers, Black rubber for Extreme chewers.

Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch

Great for stuffing

Recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide

Natural rubber

KONG Liver, Cheese, Peanut Butter and Puppy Easy Treat is a delicious treat that delights all types of dogs while providing an easy no-mess solution for pet parents. Made in the USA, this highly-digestible and trans-fat free treat is an enticingly delicious addition when added to a stuffed KONG.

The KONG Marathon treat provides a mentally occupying chew solution. Ideally sized to fit within KONG Classic rubber toys, this convenient, mess free treat is packed full of fun.

Photo By Kong

Kong Classic Balls, Signature Balls and SqueakAir Balls

The KONG Ball wins the fetching game for your dog! Durable, bouncy, natural KONG Classic rubber gives it a bounce for fun games of fetch, delivering tons of healthy and interactive play.

KONG Classic Red Rubber ball for fetching fun

Puncture resistant for continued safe play

The KONG Signature ball brings ultra-durability and an uber-bounce to games of fetch and retrieve. Dogs that are driven to fetch will delight in play sessions with the KONG Signature Ball and with a durable construction its sure to last for those dogs that can never get enough retrieving fun.

Durable ball for long-lasting fetching fun

Higher bounce than tennis balls for extended playtime

Long-lasting toy that satisfies instincts to chase and retrieve

he KONG SqueakAir® Ball combines two classic dog toys - the tennis ball and the squeaker toy - to create the perfect fetch toy. Our durable, high-quality Squeak air® Tennis Ball will not wear down your dog’s teeth. It’s made with a special non-abrasive felt.

Fetch toy for healthy; active play

Non-abrasive KONG Tennis material; softer on teeth-

Available in 3 Sizes, singularly or in multipacks.

Kong Air Dog and Kong Knots

KONG AirDog® Squeaker Dumbbell combines two classic dog toys -the tennis ball and the squeaker - to create the perfect fetch toy. The non-abrasive, high-quality material will not wear down dogs’ teeth.

 Available in S-L

The KONG AirDog® Fetch Stick with Rope floats high on the water and comes with a high-quality throw rope. It’s made from our non-abrasive tennis ball material, which is gentle on teeth and gums. This toy is a great for the dog that loves to swim and fetch. 

KONG AirDog® Squeaker Donut combines two classic dog toys -the tennis ball and the squeaker - to create the perfect fetch toy. Available in S and L.

Kong Wild Knots Teddy Bear For Dogs are the perfect mix of cuddly and soft, with a durable centre that is made to be robust.

There is a knotted skeleton, which your dog will love to chew, as well as a reinforced plush body that has minimal stuffing. An internal squeaker really adds to the fun, sure to become a firm favourite in your dogs toy collection.

The KONG Tugger Knots Moose/ Monkey is a tough, interactive tug and shake toys that dogs love. Each toy has knotted ropes inside for a realistic feel, which extend outside the toy creating tug handles at both ends. This unique design creates a captivating variety of textures and resistance that dogs love - and it contains a squeaker for added fun.

Interactive tug and fetch toy with internal rope for natural chewing needs

Two rope handles for easy-grip tugging

Long; floppy toy satisfies natural instinct to shake

Two rope handles for easy-grip tugging

Photo by Kong

Kong Cozie Ultra and Kong Belly Flops

The KONG Cozie Ultra range uses KONG Ultra-Tex fabric construction, which combines ultra-durable technology that uniquely supports action-packed fun. The ripstop material and reinforced seams are supported with a robust interior liner and is designed to fulfill a dog’s natural hunting and chewing instincts. Multiple reinforcements, including five times more stitching, add strength and durability ensuring that long-lasting fun is supported. Add to that internal squeakers and dense levels of stuffing and this toy is sure to keep playtime going and going and going.

KONG Belly Flops bring oceanic creatures to life with their unique belly-spinning action that engages and stimulates even the most curious of pups. The soft yet strong material ensures for long-lasting play with a squeaker for added excitement and floating ability for water fun.

Unique spinning design engages dogs

Soft; yet strong material for long-lasting play

Floats for water fun

Photo By Kong

Kong Plush

We stock a large variety of plush Kong toys- these include stuffing less toys, comfort toys, those that crinkle, those that rattle and those that stretch. We  have something for every dog!