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A shop and spa just for dogs

Vikki- Store Manager- Joined June 14 

Why I love working here: I enjoy every aspect of the working here, especially meeting our customers (and their humans) and working with such a caring and brilliant team.

What dog breed would I be and why? If I could be any breed of dog, I would be a Boarder Collie because I am loyal and treat orientated!!

What Pets I have: I have a cat and 2 guinea pigs.

Best part of the job- Definitely helping the doggies and their owners with any issues, whether that be training, dietary or health related problems. It's great to see the owners leave more confident - or the excitement when they return to tell me that my advice worked!

Mel- Canine Care Specialist- Joined Jan 2021

Why I love working here​: I love working here because I enjoy helping our customers, making sure they get the best product they need, and I love to see how shocked the hoomans are after the pooch has had a wash!

What dog breed would I be and why? If I could be a dog I would want to be a labrador, as they are intelligent and love food

What Pets I have- I have a golden labrador and a black and white cat.

Best part of the job- Best part of the job has to be watching a pup grow, and of course the puppy cuddles! Who doesn’t love a puppy cuddle?

Abbie- Canine Care Specialist- Joined June 21

Why I love working hereI love getting to know our wonderful regulars and seeing new faces everyday. Plus, it’s great to be part of such a small team that works so well together.

What dog breed I would be and why:

I would probably be a husky, because I love the cold, I’m a real people person and have a habit of causing trouble!

What pets I have:

Four house rabbits and 1 kitten.

Best part of the job:

Helping mucky pups turn into well-pampered pooches in our dog wash. 

Eden- Canine Care Specialist- Joined July 21

Why I love working here: I love working at MAP because I love learning about all the customers' dogs, and helping them find what they need to keep their furry friends happy and healthy.

What dog breed would I be and why? If I was a dog I think I would be a miniature poodle as we are both small, curly and friendly.

What pets I have: 1 cat, 2 snakes (Royal Python and a Hognose), a Lasa-Apso and a Jackawawa.

Best Part Of the Job: The best part of the job is when customers bring in puppies for the first time (always so cute !!) and helping them find what they need for their new family members.

Anna- Canine Care Specialist- Joined July 21

Why I love working here: I love working at Mad about Paws because I get to come in every morning and see the doggy friends that I have made a great bond with. I also love helping new puppies with their first harness, collar and lead, knowing that I was a big part of getting them to the great outdoors for the first time.

What Dog breed would I be and why? I would be a Poodle because I am outgoing and friendly. I may look like a delicate daisy but I am not!

What Pets I have: Jack Russell Terrier

Best part of the job: Best part of the job is washing the dogs and seeing them come out clean and fluffy! Also, seeing the progress at weight club is very rewarding.