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Avid Chewers

We have the perfect treats for the more aggressive chewers, these are all low fat, long lasting treats that should keep your dog entertained for longer than your usual treat.

We Stock Deer Antlers (full and Split).  

These chews contain a number of good minerals and they are incredibly hard and long lasting. Your dog will find them exciting and irresistible. This is a totally natural product, free from additives or preservatives, its hypoallergenic, just pure and natural! Antler has some unique and proven benefits:

High in natural minerals and nutrients

Helps improve circulation and metabolism, reduces cholesterol

Strengthens bone structure, muscles and joints

Maintains healthy cells, aids the immune system

Helps prevent inflamation from arthritic conditions

Olive Wood Chews

An Olive Wood Chew more than satisfies a dogs need to chew, with this safe product that is also great for keeping good dental hygiene.

Sourced from an olive tree, which has a harder grain than most other wood, the chew is durable and long lasting as well tasty to get the teeth around.

Ideal for puppies

Great for the teeth


Long lasting

No artificial ingredients 

Yaker Bars

Yakers Natural Dog Chews are a unique product which originate from the hills of the Himalayas. Made from a mix of skimmed Yak and Cow milk, the chews are eaten by the Himalayan people as well as their dogs!

Famed for their all natural ingredients and lasting a long time, Yakers dog chews also have a unique texture and flavour your dog will love.

Yakers are hard and your dog must first chew at them to soften the treat so they can get small pieces to chew off, this means they last a long-g-g time.


Hard and durable chew your dog will love to get stuck into

Suitable for all dogs over 4 months old

Long lasting

100% Natural

Rich in protein and calcium - good for muscle and bone health

Free from preservatives

Free from gluten


Helps fight plaque and tartar

Pluto's Bones

Plutos Cheese Bones contain 100% natural ingredients and are made from the pure and natural protein casein, which cleans teeth and promotes dental protection against bacteria. Casein slows digestion and promotes fat loss by increasing metabolism.

Plutos cheese chews are an excellent, rich and healthy source of proteins (50%), calcium and minerals for your dog. They are a low fat (0.2%) and low carbohydrate, lactose free and completely digestible chew.

Plutos cheese bones offer a tasty satisfying chew that dogs love. Once it's finished all they'll want to do is snooze!


Nylon, rawhide & lactose FREE.

Low calorie.

Will not splinter.

100% certified natural colours from beetroot, carrot & beef.

No stains.

Gluten free.