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Lavender Buddies

These Lavender toys are a brand new warming and comforting toys for your pet with their supersoft plush material. These toys are known for their calming properties as it contains lavender beans. The Lavender aroma that comes from these bears is guaranteed to help soothe and reduce anxiety in your dog, whilst also being a super playtime pal. The Lavender Bears all have a hidden internal squeaker which is great for extra added fun but will also give your dog independent playtime.

Little rascals Cheeky Tiger and Snoozy Bear

        Make puppy playtime wild with these cheeky tigers and these snoozy bears!

Super soft, huggable material

Perfect for playtime or bedtime cuddles

Lightweight and easy to carry or hold

Each variation comes with either- a squeaker, rattling toy, durable teething ring or a crinkle mat.

Great for puppies!

Natural Nipper Puppy Toys

The neutral colour palette of our Natural Nippers range is very popular.

The range carries a soft feel material and includes a rattle toy, a loopy fun ball, a multi-activity loop ball, a multi-activity blanket, a shaker rattler and a plush blanket.

Little Nipper Puppy Toys

These bright an vibrant puppy teething toys are a great addition for your new addition.

The range carries a variety of textured materials encapsulated in its vibrant material. The range incudes- Cheeky Chimp, Jolly Giraffe, Laughy Lamb, Mischief Mouse, Rascal Roo and Wise Owl.


• Cosy bear or tiger for puppy playtime

• Super soft, huggable material

• Perfect for playtime or a quick snooze

• Lightweight and easy to carry or hold

• Perfect for puppies