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Online Store

WildWash Pro 

At WildWash, the team believes that animals and humans deserve the same quality cosmetics and they pride themselves on being as transparent as possible. For every product, they provide a full ingredients list, which confirms that the products contain no parabens, phthalates, phosphates, petrochemicals, sulphates, palm oils, or PEGs. They use 100% pure essential oils and guarantee that none of their products have been tested on animals.

In Store we stock the following-

• Mixing bottle for correct shampoo dilution

• Nose balm

• Paw balm

• Shampoo No.1

• Shampoo No. 3

• Puppy & kitten shampoo

• Cleansing and deodorising shampoo

• Hydrating shampoo

• Anti-flea shampoo

• Summer shampoo

• Detangle spray

• Perfume No.1

• Perfume No. 2

• Perfume No.3

• Ear cleanser

• Facial scrub

• Eye cleanser


Be:Pure natural shampoo bars-The shampoo bars work similarly to a normal shampoo, just in a solid form! It can take a little more work to build up a lather, but this is not a necessity when cleaning your pet.

We stock the following varieties of shmpoo bars, candles and sprays-

• Be:loved candle

• Be:loved home & kennel spray

• Be:calm shampoo bar

• Be:vegan shampoo bar

• Be:bugfree shampoo bar

• Be:clean shampoo bar

Johnsons Shampoo and Grooming Spray 

Johnsons Veterinary Shampoo range have a shampoo for every eventuality. They are kind to the skin and smell great!

We stock the following varieties:

• Puppy & kitten

• Sensitive

• White n Bright

• Manuka honey

• Chamomile & lavender

• Dog deodorant

• Tea Tree

• Velvet coat conditioning spray

• Groom conditioning spray

• Manuka honey conditioning spray

Pet Head 

Pet Head is a pampering, multi-sensorial and highly effective grooming range, allowing you to care for your dog as well as you’d care for yourself – Love from Head to Paw.

We stock the following ranges:

• Furtastic shampoo

• Furtastic conditioner

• Furtastic spray

• Ditch the dirt shampoo

• Ditch the dirt conditioner

• Ditch the dirt spray

• Mucky puppy shampoo

• Mucky puppy conditioner

• Mucky puppy spray

• Paw butter

• Quick fix 2in1 shampoo

• Quick fix no-rinse foam

• Quick fix spray

• Quick fix wipes

• Sensitive soul shampoo

• Sensitive soul conditioner

• Sensitive soul spray


Bugalugs is a new and exciting UK brand born due to our love for four legged friends. With an array of dog grooming products including shampoo, nose and paw balm and detangling spray for those bad hair days there is something for every hound.

We stock the following varieties:

• Baby fresh

• Oatmeal

• Stinky dog

• Wild lemongrass all-in-1

• Lavender and chamomile 4-in-1

• Baby fresh detangle spray

• Oatmeal deodorising spray

• Wild lemongrass deodorising spray

• Lavender and chamomile deodorising spray

• Hydrating detangle spray

• Baby fresh cologne

The Pawfume Shop 

We stock 6 fragrances in our range including male, female and unisex, most of which you will recognise as the familiar designer perfumes we humans wear ourselves. The products are formulated to the highest standards, and that they are safe for our four legged friends. All of the products are manufactured wholly in the UK and are are long lasting and quick drying, leaving no residue.

We stock the following fragrances:

Opuppium Noir


Baby Powder


Dog in a million

She's a dog in a million


The FURminator deShedding tool reduces loose hair from shedding up to 90% with regular use

Removes the loose hair from shedding

Curved edge for comfortable, effective loose undercoat hair removal

Reaches through topcoat to remove loose undercoat hair

Ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of use

Curved edge – comfortably follows pet's natural shape

FURejector® button to quickly and easily release collected hair

Teeth remove undercoat hair without damaging topcoat

We stock the following lines:

Small Dog Long and Short coat

Medium Dog Long and Short Coat

Large Dog Long and Short Coat

Furminator Bathing Brush

Wahl Multi Cut for Dogs

This mains operated clipper is designed to be robust and cope with most types of animal hair, to keep your dog impeccably groomed. Precision clipping blades are durable and stay stronger for longer. Taper control allows for varying cutting lengths. (0.8 - 2.5mm). Lightweight and easy to control. Set includes 4 attachment combs for variable clipping length (3mm - 13mm), clipper blade oil, cleaning brush, scissors and a hard storage box. For best results prep the coat with a brush before clipping.

Adjustable Taper Lever for cutting variable lengths without leaving clipper tracks.

Low noise and vibration, ideal for nervous or noise sensitive pets.

Ancol grooming tools

Ancol Ergo grooming tools are ergonomically friendly, to give you salon results from the comfort of your home.

We stock the following products-

Self cleaning slicker

Hedgehog slicker S-L

Thinning scissors

Safety scissors

Straight scissors

Guillotine nail clippers S-L

Nail clippers S-L

Nail file

Pin Pad

Massage Pad

Grooming Glove

Medium comb

Double comb

Flea Comb

Stripping comb

Shed Master

Knot Buster

Lint Roller

Danish Design Bath Robes

the Danish Design Dog Robe is the ultimate drying coat, perfect for after wet walks or bath times. Made from luxurious cotton towelling, the Dog Robe keeps dogs warm and dry without restricting movement and avoids wet and muddy shake off! Can even be soaked in cold water in warmer months to keep dogs cool. Simple to fit with Velcro fastening and machine washable.

Available in Bottle Green, Red and Blue in five sizes: