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Weight Management

Helping you maintain your dogs weight to ensure they are of optimum health.

Weight Management Classes

Every Sunday between 10 and 12, we offer a drop in weight class.

This is a free service where your dog can be weighed.

You will receive a Weight chart, which records your dogs weekly weight.

Certificates are provided to celebrate milestone weight loss.

Low Calorie Foods

Pop in and see the team for a weight consultation.

We can advise you on the most nutritional way to help achieve your dogs target weight, through offering one of the specially formulated Light food.

Your dog will not feel deprived as these specific diets are designed with reduced calorie and fat contents.

Low Fat Treats

The worst part of a diet is feeling that you are missing out on the good stuff.

We have an extensive range of low fat treats which can help aid your weight loss journey- but still allows you to enjoy the finer things in life.

the team are here to help you work out how many treats your dog will be allowed as part of a nutritionally balanced and healthy diet.

Interactive Feeding

All dogs like to forage.

These tools helps your dogs natural hunting skills by making it harder for them to guzzle their food.

This allows their stomachs to process faster when they are full, preventing over eating, bloating and vomiting that can occur from eating too quickly.

Pop into store to speak to one of the team which can give you some handy tips and tricks on how to slow down greedy dogs, or how to incorporate these tools into your daily life.